June update

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June Update

Hello you beautiful thing. Yes it’s been a while but that doesn’t mean we don’t love you any less.

Last you heard we were touring the mystical east, and after a much-needed recovery we got back into playing some pretty great shows. Don’t want to brag or anything but after show after show on tour we’re sounding not-too-shabby. And we have Romain (the sexy French guitarist) back!

With the crew back anew we travelled with the raucous Brow Horn on a ‘Family Feud’ (they’re our ‘sister’ band, hehe) tour of the south coast over Easter. Together we headed down first to Clancy’s Dunsborough and filled our bellies with delicious chips. Next we hit the amazing Denmark Markets to a crowd including amazing hippy kids who were cool enough to dance. We even got Dr. Fear from The Brow to get up and rap, that was cool. Joining us was the Formidable Vegetable Sound System who got bodies moving and heads slightly confused (2 Formidable, it’s too much ☺). And then, wow, we played The White Star pub in Albany. That was one hell of a sweaty night. We all left with soggy shirts, ringing ears and huge smile. The audience were amazing!
Wrapping up the tour Formidable Veg joined us again once again to play the slightly spooky Masked Ball in Denmark. After the initial fear of becoming extras in an Eyes wide shut reboot, we grooved our way to the end of a successful tour.

And then, with only a small amount of time to rest, Fairbridge! The sax player had never been to the institution that is the Fairbridge Folk Festival; he Freaked out Formidably (that’s Five, now 6 F’s). He may be speaking in the third person. It was amazing. We started on the Youthopia stage playing to the young’uns who perhaps unintentionally made us made us feel a bit old. The next day we played at the Hoopla dance stage and, if we say so ourselves, it was blistering. The audience was INSANE. We had a good time. Our last show was scheduled back on the Youthopia stage but it was rained out… no fear, we trooped on and thanks to the awesome organisers at Fairbridge we managed to play under the cover of the winebar. Amazingly friends, family and groovers turned up despite the rain and the change of venue which was, I’ll be honest, pretty touching. A couple of us scooted soggily over to the legendary Chipolata’s closing show and even got to join in!

And so we are back once again to slap you in the face with gypsy jazz, D’nb dance confusion (we guarantee no actual slapping will take place). We’ll be playing Settlers Tavern in Margs on Saturday the 21st June. Sometime this month we’ll also be playing a soon-to-be-announced pop-up venue in Freo town. Keep your ears tuned.

We’ll see you there.

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