Tour diaries: entry no. 2


Woodford Tour – Second Post


A little bit crusty and just slightly too pink, we’re in good spirits.

Woodford, oddly enough already feels like a distant memory, and a fond one at that. Despite the horror stories that are passed on about the pain and suffering involved in a band touring, we’ve been doing pretty well. No actually, we have been great. As a band we sat atop a Woodford hill and experienced the warm blast of a giant wooden heart burst aflame. The flaming spectacle signalled the end of the festival, capping off an amazing, if a bit confusing showcase of hand made monster lamps and slightly terrifying costumed creatures. Then we marched. We marched to highest point of the festival, bleary eyed and inebriated (well, some of us) and lay in wait of the rising sun and with it the new year. Strange throat warbling moans drawled from a group of colourfully adorned performers. As the sun rose, we cheered, slightly delirious and relieved that, yes, we haven’t lost the sun…yet. And then we slept.

The next day, the new year, we dragged ourselves with a sense of malaise and anticipation for the next leg of the tour. Now we’re here, in Byron bay and as expected, it’s a pretty nice. The people here are infuriating attractive. Yesterday night we played an amazing show at the Joynt in Brisbane with a great band, the StormChasers.

Good times.

adminTour diaries: entry no. 2